Saturday, January 8, 2011


#1. I don’t have perfect skin. Do you retouch the photos?
Of course.. Who has perfect skin? The most perfect model you see on the cover of any magazine even get retouched!

#2. What is your confidentiality agreement? Will my photos be posted online for the world to see?
Not unless you give me written permission. Every single person you see on my website or blog gave me permission to use their images. I respect everyone’s privacy and would never ever post anything without permission.

#3. Can I bring my own stylist? 
Yes you can! I love working with other professions! 

#4.  Can I bring a friend?
 Of course! Bringing friends sometimes eases the nervousness that you might have. 

#5 What should I wear? 
That is entirely up to each individual. Everyone has a different taste and different looks. Call me for your free consultation and we can go over ideas and talk about the look your wanting!

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