Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Do's for your Flaunt Session

Here is some recommendations I have to help make you more prepared for you Flaunt experience.

* Get plenty of rest the night before.
* Bring in your fave cd's
* Have a fresh manicure and pedicure
* Get your eyebrows waxed or tweezed a few days prier to avoid red skin and puffiness.
* Bring your make up and hair products, its always nice to freshen up your look.
* Moisturize your skin the morning of you session.
* Bring fun axxessories like jewelry, hats, scarves, shoes, ect.
*Bring in any props you think will enhance your Flaunt expericence.
*If your bringing high heels you never wear practice walking and standing in them before your session so you will be more comfortable.
* Don't me scared to share any concerns you may have with trouble spots or features. I can maximize the things you like and minimize the things you don't.!

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